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    Integrated Healing for Anxiety, Chronic Pain & Autoimmune Symptoms

Compassionate Support for Women and Children

Offering safe & effective integrative healing and resources to reduce anxiety, autoimmune symptoms &  chronic pain to help you feel calm,
confident, and happy.

Available in Nyora, South Gippsland, Phillip Island and Online

Are you experiencing anxiety?

You’re not alone


Are you experiencing any of the following?

Stress and anxiety

Overwhelmed , Burnt Out and Exhausted 

Constant Aches & Pains

Chronic Illnesses

Relationship/Friendship Stress

Difficulties Falling Asleep or Staying Asleep

Worrying Autoimmune Symptoms

School Stress or School Can’t

Constantly Worried About Money /Family/Health

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You deserve to live your best life

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Hi, I’m Kelly

I’m so glad you’re here, and I’m deeply passionate about helping you heal because I’ve been where you are.

You and your children are not broken; your body and mind possess the wisdom and ability to heal when provided with the right environment and support.

As a mother of three, I understand the stress that comes with anxiety and overwhelm in kids, learning difficulties, trauma, and sleep struggles. After witnessing remarkable improvements in my own children and experiencing long-lasting results from Kinesiology, I’ve dedicated myself to learning and offering safe, non-invasive, and highly effective healing techniques.

Living in the beautiful town of Nyora in South Gippsland, Victoria, I am a qualified natural therapist specialising in applied Kinesiology, modern psychology, Chinese medicine, Reiki, and modern Qigong. I provide holistic healing for stress, anxiety, and pain relief for women and children.


Symmetry Health Kinesiology can assist you with

Kinesiology for Kids

Help your kids to thrive by overcoming anxieties, getting better sleep, and
feeling more confident

symmetry health kinesiology kids
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Kinesiology for Teens

Help your teens build confidence and self-empowerment

Help them with life stresses such as peer pressure, social anxiety, and self-harm

Kinesiology for Women

Make time just for you

Get a tailored session specifically for the current stress you are experiencing 

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Are you ready to:

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Feel Calmer/Happier

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Get Better Sleep

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Increase Self Confidence

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Reduce or Eliminate Physical Pain

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Increase Energy

3 steps you need to take towards
living your best life


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Achieve a more fulfilling life with greater clarity, confidence and relief from stress and anxiety

Client Love

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From Jennifer C

Kelly is a beautiful shining light in what she does. Today she hosted a children’s Reiki 1 course and it was an absolute HIT. My two boys can’t stop talking about Reiki and energy healing! Highly recommend Kelly and her beautiful teachings and kind soul.  Such a wonderful gift to our community.  Please keep on doing what you are doing.  We are so grateful.

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From Abbie

“Your healing with me was really great, I really felt the benefits – you’re a very strong and powerful healer!!” 

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From Lisa

“ Your Service is great and I appreciate your time and effort!! Will definitely book in future”. 

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