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An understanding, supportive space for Women, Teens & Kids to release stress and restore health & happiness

At Symmetry Health Kinesiology , no stress is too big or small. Without judgement, you are always welcome to the relaxed , cozy healing room in Nyora, the Korumburra clinic South Gippsland or remotely via zoom /FaceTime.

“Symmetry in Every Day Language refers to a Sense of Harmonious & Beautiful Proportion & Balance.”



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You Deserve To Live Your Best Life !

Here’s how Symmetry Health Kinesiology can help..

  • Feel Calmer/Happier
  • Better Sleep
  • Increase Self Confidence
  • Reduce or Eliminate Physical Pain
  • Increase Energy

Maybe you tried many other therapies and feel great for a week but find your issues don’t resolve..

You are a multidimensional body with four different layers. The Physical, Mental , Emotional and Spiritual.

In order to create change and lasting results , we need to address each of the four layers of the human system at once. 

Using an advanced form of healing that combines Applied Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, The best of Modern Psychology and Complementary Medicine, I am able to treat your body as a whole at once, not each part individually .

These methods combined are extremely effective at getting to the core of your stresses quickly without the need to re-live any trauma.

Kinesiology sessions are also perfect for general wellbeing, preventative care as well as an excellent alternative when traditional talk therapy hasn’t worked .

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For relief of stress & anxiety, making space to feel more happiness & peace

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What Happens during a Session…

Each session is tailored to your specific needs, with no two sessions alike.

Children’s sessions are different to teens and woman’s, focusing more on calming their nervous systems and reflex /brain integration.

During all sessions, you will lay fully clothed on a massage table. If you are unable to lie comfortably you can sit in a comfortable chair. Younger children/babies may sit on mum’s lap or I can work with them down on the floor.

Together we will work out how you want to feel moving forward . This forms your goal for the entire session.

Before we begin the session I use some techniques to help Calm your nervous system, giving your body time to relax .

I use a gentle, very safe method called muscle testing by simply holding your wrist to collect information from your being in relation to your stress.

We then implement personalised protocols, corrections and support needed to help. This consists of modern psychology techniques, traditional Chinese medicine techniques, bodywork and natural therapies.

If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me :

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