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We all come into this world full of pure joy, self-love and trust. Somewhere along the path we call life, events out of our control occur and it may have knocked this natural state out of balance. However, it’s not lost. Love is our core essence.

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Kinesiology services for women

My name is Kelly Edwards,

the face behind
Symmetry Health Kinesiology


I’m a 45-year-old Natural therapist who works with the mind and body, incorporating applied kinesiology, modern psychology, Chinese medicine, reiki and modern qigong. I’m extremely passionate about helping women, teens and kids with all kinds of life stresses. 🧡

Before you arrive, it’s nice to know a little bit about who will greet you at the door with a smile. I live in the beautiful little town of Nyora, in South Gippsland Victoria, with my partner, three kids (two teens), two clever kelpies and a big softie of a Golden Retriever. When I’m not hanging out in my kinesiology room, I’m homeschooling two of my kids, walking down the beach or sitting with a big mug of Milo.

I have set up a cosy room in an old-fashioned weatherboard home amongst beautiful peaceful gardens situated on a three-acre property in Nyora. I hope it feels like a comfortable safe sanctuary, for you and your kids to come, feel welcome and release your stress.

Over the years, my family have benefited from kinesiology for a number of stresses in life. I have personally experienced profound healing on many levels, which is why I went on to study it and feel so passionate about sharing it with you and your family.

My specialisation is working with kids of all ages and stages, teens and women.


“Symmetry in Every Day Language refers to a Sense of Harmonious & Beautiful Proportion & Balance” – Wikipedia


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