Affirmation Cards & How To Truly Benefit From Them

I am a huge fan of affirmation cards, especially the uniquely crafted ones with hand-painted touches or gold embellishments on the edges. There is something truly magical about shuffling these cards filled with powerful, high-frequency words and intentions. 

I love using them in my clinic as a tool to foster self-awareness, helping clients gain a deeper understanding of their current feelings or their current state of mind.

The Use of Affirmation Cards

Many of us enjoy shuffling the deck, waiting for a card to drop or selecting one that catches our attention. Once we have our card, we might repeat the affirmation it carries, often even displaying it visibly as a constant reminder.

Repeating the affirmations and looking at the picture are effective ways to increase your frequency, as they contain high-frequency words such as “love” and “beautiful”.

Going a Step Further: Addressing Incongruent Beliefs

However, we can take these practices a step further by aligning our incongruent beliefs with these affirmations so our entire being is on the same page . 

What are incongruent beliefs?

If your affirmation is “I am confident”, or your goal is to be confident, you might repeat it continuously, look at the card, and repeat it daily yet after a week or two, you come to realise that you still don’t feel confident, despite putting in the effort.

It isn’t integrating because it’s conflicting with our unconscious thoughts and beliefs . It’s like we are saying “ I am confident while we are shaking our head no ” 

The Role of the Unconscious Mind

The reason for this lies in our unconscious mind. We have thoughts and beliefs that are formed during our early years, usually influenced by our caregivers, family members, teachers, TV, and other external factors. These unconscious thoughts have a far greater influence on our feelings and behaviours than our conscious ones so it’s important to take steps to ensure they are also in alignment with your goal or affirmation .

Realigning Goals and Affirmations with Unconscious Beliefs

So, how do we realign our current goal or affirmation with our unconscious beliefs? At Symmetry Health Kinesiology I can assist you in doing this through biofeedback, gently muscle testing your arm while challenging then realigning some of your beliefs . It is a straightforward yet powerful technique that can have long lasting results.

This technique will help you with goals and beliefs such as 

• getting fit / health goals

• business goals 

• Increasing confidence/self love /commitment to self 

• relationships 

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Affirmation Card

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