Kinesiology for Kids

Helping children feel calm, connected and confident

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Better Sleep

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Increase confidence

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Improve learning

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Calm & happy kids

Are your Kids Experiencing



Anxiety may present as fear or worry, but can also make children irritable or angry


Learning & Behavioural Difficulties

Sometimes children’s bodies get stuck in a stress cycle and don’t get to express their full potential


School Stress

For many kids, school can be a time of huge stress and trauma

Let’s support your children with the following challenges


  • Separation anxiety

  • Phobias

  • Generalised anxiety

  • Social Anxiety

  • Health Anxiety

  • Self – harm

Learning Difficulties

  • Dyslexia / Dyspraxia

  • Lack Of Self Esteem & Confidence

  • Fear of Failure

  • Overwhelm

School Refusal

  • School Refusal

  • Bullying

  • Social anxiety

  • Fear of using school toilets

  • Friendship difficulties

  • Learning Difficulties

  • Sensory Overwhelm

  • Behaviour issues

  • Burnout/shutdown

  • After School Meltdowns

It’s important that your kids feel happy,calm & supported

Kids of all ages can benefit from Kinesiology

There are so many benefits of Kinesiology For Kids.  Even the shyest of children
can benefit as they won’t be forced to talk if they don’t want.

Helps to understand and process big emotions

Allows them to feel safe

Helps with Fears and Phobias and Anxieties

Increases confidence & self esteem as they learn that their struggles are not their fault

Improved coordination and balance 

Helps them to navigate the journey from childhood to adolescence

3 easy steps to help your child feel calm,
connected and confident


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Get relief from stress and anxiety as well as greater clarity, confidence and peace of mind

Client Love

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From Jen Woodward

Kelly is absolutely brilliant at what she does. We did the children’s reiki level 1 course and my boys absolutely loved it! The way that she works with children is so beautiful. You could see the children’s faces light up with Kellys explanations and activities. Her set-up was so gorgeous and we loved the way she took her time with each of them. Thank you Kelly for your light and healing. Highly recommend her to my family and friends

What to expect from your session

I love working with Kids! With a real passion for helping them all thrive. My aim is to always help them feel safe. As parents, you can always rest assured that at Symmetry Health Kinesiology you can expect the following each session for kids

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How long do sessions last?

Babies – 10 years: Sessions will go from anywhere between 30- 60 minutes depending on the child.

10 years – 16 years: Allow up to 90 minutes for the initial session and 45 – 60 minutes for any follow-up sessions.

A relaxed, welcoming friendly environment

Parents are always welcome to stay

Sessions will be adjusted to your child’s needs and development (eg. I may end up working down on the floor with them)

If your child can’t verbalise their feelings, we can still work together and achieve the same results (the true magic of it )

If your child is young or uncertain, parents will be asked to surrogate with a child in the room. (I can also surrogate for you via Online sessions )

Lots of giggles and laughs, sometimes music, colouring in and movement.

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their full potential

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