Kinesiology Therapy for Teens

A supportive safe space for teens
with anxiety and stress

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A place to be heard

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Tools to release emotions

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Self acceptance

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Are your teens struggling with?

kinesiology for teens with stress
High School Stress

High School can be a really tough time for many teens.

There are so many things for teens to navigate during their high school years. Some of the high school stresses I can support your teen with are:


    • Exams, school work or performance stress
    • Learning difficulties
    • Bullying
    • Social anxiety
    • Adjusting to the first year of high school
    • Peer pressure
    • Feeling isolated and lonely at school
Self Harm

Self-harm is often a way teens communicate emotional distress

It can also be a form of control when everything else feels out of their control. It may be a means of ‘trying to release trapped emotions stored in the body ‘ or a way of punishing themselves due to negative beliefs they hold about themselves.




Phobias come from a disempowered state. Classed as an anxiety disorder many teens suffer from social phobias which can lead to social isolation, loneliness and even agoraphobia, leaving teens unable to leave their bedrooms. I am able to help clear these phobias with a cutting-edge approach, providing tools to empower your teen and can be done via Zoom/FaceTime if needed.

Stress and Anxiety

Adolescence has always been a complicated mix of hormones, social stress, parental/school expectations and internal criticism yet today’s adolescents are also facing new pressures from technology and increasing pressure because of the scarier world we live in.

Any wonder they are stressed

Your teens are entitled to feel
self-assured and confident

Kinesiology is an amazing compliment
to psychology or
an alternative therapy
where talk therapy hasn’t worked
for your teen

Kinesiology can help your teens with

Tools to release emotions in a healthy way

Gets to the root cause of what’s causing your teen distress

Teens don’t have to talk if they don’t want to

A safe space to feel heard and understood without judgement

Identifying and releasing past beliefs , thoughts and emotions that may be hidden in their unconscious minds that is affecting the present

Great for teens who can’t identify or have trouble understanding how they are feeling

No need to re-live any traumas

Our behaviours are a result of our unconscious thoughts, memories and beliefs

3 steps you need to take
towards helping your teen


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Get relief from stress and anxiety as well as greater clarity, confidence and peace of mind

Client Love

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From Jessii ONeill

I’ve visited Symmetry Health Kinesiology 3 times in the past month with the packaged deal advertised on the website and could not recommend booking with Kelly more! She has a great, relaxing setup, and vast array of knowledge and skills in various areas (kinesiology, reiki and more.) I decided to book here after countless months of not getting any answers from the doctors to chronic health issues I have been facing, and Kelly has provided me with a lot of insight to my issues and has helped relieve the health anxiety I have been facing.”

kinesiology therapy what to
kinesiology for teenagers

What to expect

A relaxed, welcoming friendly environment

Complete Confidentiality (what is said in the clinic, stays in the clinic). There will never be any judgement

If your Teen prefers, they can have a Zoom or FaceTime session from the comfort of their own home

They will leave each session with extra self-help kinesiology tools and knowledge to empower themselves

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Let’s clear the unconscious thoughts that are
causing your teen pain

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