I am sharing this customer Love because they are the heart of Symmetry Health Kinesiology

Hi Kelly, Just to let you know I feel my old passionated self again at work again. Can’t tell you how much of a difference you have made. Thank you again x

Kelly is a beautiful shining light in what she does. Today she hosted a children’s Reiki 1 course and it was an absolute HIT. My two boys can’t stop talking about Reiki and the energy healing! Highly recommend Kelly and her beautiful teachings and kind soul.  Such a wonderful gift to our community.  Please keep on doing what you are doing.  We are so grateful.

Jennifer C

“Thank you so much for the session Kelly. You are kind, caring and compassionate. You helped me gain insight, confidence and calmness. I really appreciate it.”  


“Your healing with me was really great, I really felt the benefits – you’re a very strong and powerful healer!!” 


“ Your Service is great and I appreciate your time and effort!! Will definitely book in future”. 


Invest in Yourself…


It’s not Selfish to Love Yourself , To Take Care of Yourself, It’s Necessary