Worrisome Mama Bear

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Written by Kelly Edwards

June 18, 2023

Worrisome Mama Bear, Maybe your child has been a bit extra teary one day, You lie awake all night
wondering what could be wrong. You might even google “emotional 9 year
old” to search for an answer. You are constantly checking on them, asking
her if she is ok? You may even find yourself awake at 2am coming up with
possible scenarios. Are they being bullied? Do they have depression? Am I a
bad parent? Maybe it’s because I work full-time, or because I don’t work.

With all the ‘What If’s”, you are constantly playing scenarios around in your
mind. You may be worried about your child getting sick or maybe your child
is having some behaviour problems at kinder and now you are worried they will
end up a criminal! Do you get my drift?



I get it, some kids have serious health issues and it’s a normal part of
parenting to worry from time to time, but I’m talking about excessive
worry. Where it consumes most of your time, to the point where it is
affecting your own health and interfering with your joy of parenting.

Here’s the thing worry does not = care. We can still be great mums
without needing to worry about our kids all the time. It’s not selfish and
it won’t change any outcome by worrying anyway. It will just leave you
stressed and burnt out, or even sick as worry affects our spleen, an
important organ involved in our immune system.


Tips to stop worrying so much


  • Write your worries down or say them aloud, often you can then see how unrealistic some of them are.
  • Try and distract yourself, read a book, take a bath, or go for a walk.
  • Schedule your “worry time” when it’s not in bed. Share your worries with a friend.
  • Learn a mindfulness technique such as Meditation, qigong or yoga
  • Have a Kinesiology Session to release old unconscious beliefs and thought patterns that
    may have helped you in the past but are no longer needed and allow yourself to relax and trust
    that you have the ability to handle anything.

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